It is mainly focused on stiff areas such as the neck, shoulders, arms and legs, creating a harmonious sensation of flexibility in the whole body.

Facial Treatment

This treatment enhances the face natural beauty, removing all signs of tiredness. It provides brightness, improves skin texture and tonality. This is achieved by means of a soft exfoliation, face pack application, a gentle massage and, finally, a deep nutrition.

Relaxing Massage

A massage session that relaxes tensions, stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, reducing the stress level to produce a general feeling of well-being.

Massage with stones

Hot stones, together with stretching and massage on specific zones are recommended to treat stress, anxiety and muscle pains.

Thai Massage

Based on stretching and pressing movements, this treatment helps to increase body flexibility, eliminating headaches and muscle pain. It also stimulates the energy channels along the body.


This treatment has stimulating and comforting qualities. Chocolate properties, in combination with soft massages, returns natural elasticity to skin; moisturizes and reduces the "peau d'orange' appearance.

Wine Therapy

The secret of this therapy is a component of the grape: the polyphenol. It has a hundred times more anti-oxidant properties than vitamin E. It releases toxins and has antiseptic, healing and revitalizing effects.

Body Scrubbing

It consists of a body exfoliation with sea salts and vegetable products. This treatment includes a deep skin moisturizing through soft massages.

Contouring Massage

Slimming and draining techniques that help at the elimination of body toxins and fat dissolution.

Tai Sabai

Acupressure techniques with little herb bags. Help to relax muscles and eliminate pain, thus, increasing blood circulation and nourishing the skin.